LEGE ARTIS provides a broad range of corporate administrative services, including the following:

  • Business immigration services
  • Consulting in the field of immigration and employment regulations, including legal assistance
  • Legalization of documents
  • Other administrative services related to corporate mobility, depending on specific requirements.

Obtaining or prolonging the validity of a work and/or residence permit is an immigration procedure to be fulfilled by an expatriate and their employer.

The procedure is complicated, time-consuming and the legal regulations change regularly. 

The experience and knowledge of our staff can make the immigration process more simple and painless. 

Our assistance includes:

  • Advice on the best approach suitable for the client's immigration needs
  • Providing information on relevant formalities and requirements to be met
  • Preparation of all necessary application documents
  • Submitting the documents to the immigration authorities 
  • Daily contacts with the immigration authorities to ensure efficiency of the process
  • Collecting and delivering permits to the client's office.